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Better Casting Material

ZA-12 Alloy Outperforms Traditional Materials

Graphicast ZA-12 zinc alloy castings offer an excellent combination of mechanical properties, surface finish, and low cost. ZA-12′s strength, hardness, and wear properties are better than any other general-purpose nonferrous casting alloy. Because ZA-12 is spark proof, it can be used in hazardous environments, including those underground.Better material

With excellent castability, ZA-12 has a distinctive lustrous appearance, and its low casting temperature promotes long mold life. Zinc metal and alloys are also readily available at relatively stable prices, ensuring the long-term viability of products designed with Graphicast components.

ZA-12 vs. Cast Iron

ZA-12 has approximately the same density as cast iron, but is stronger. It machines three times faster with greatly improved tool life. It also offers much better corrosion resistance.

ZA-12 vs. Aluminum

ZA-12 is harder, stronger, and has better wearing qualities than aluminum, yet it does not require heat treating. ZA-12 machines more easily than aluminum, is more dimensionally stable, and will not warp.

ZA-12 vs. Brass/Bronze

ZA-12 machines as easily as either brass or bronze, yet has superior strength, hardness, and wearing qualities. It can also be coated for corrosive applications/environments.

ZA-12 Physical Properties vs. Other Casting Materials

Materials ZA-12 Other Casting Materials

Properties Zn/11 Al/.75 Cu Aluminum 356-T6 Bronze 85-5-5-5 Class 30 Iron
Graphicast Process Sand Cast Permanent Mold Sand Cast
Tensile Strength (psi x 103) 50 33 38 37 34
Yield Strength (0.2% offset, psi x 103) 31 24 27 17
% Elongation (in 2 inches) 2-3 3.5 5 30
Brinell Hardness (500 kg load) 110-125 70 80 65 180-225
Density (lb/in3) .22 .10 .10 .32 .26
Young’s Modulus (psi x 106) 12 10.5 10.5 13.5 13 to 16
Fatigue Strength (psi x 103 @ 5 x 108 cycles) 15 8.5 13 11 14
Thermal Expansion (µinch/inch/°F @ 68°-212°F) 13.4 11.9 11.9 10.1 6
Thermal Conductivity(BTU/ft/hr/ft2/°F @ 68°F) 67 87 92 40 26
Electrical Conductivity (% Cu) 28 39 41 15

NOTE: Figures are correct, but are not warranted in any way by Graphicast, Inc.
For structural applications above 200°F, or for detailed fatigue, impact, or
creep strength properties, contact Graphicast.


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