Better Cast Parts

Exceptional Precision and Finish, Unmatched Quality


Typically, graphite mold castings can be produced in volume with tolerances of ± .005″ per inch or less. Some dimensions will be affected by draft requirements, which are nominally 2° for any surface perpendicular to the parting plane.

Fine Surface Finish

The finish of Graphicast parts is typically better than 125 microinches-as good or better than that of either investment cast or die cast parts.

Parts from the mold have a bright metallic finish which, in most applications, requires no additional preparation or coating. With handling or age, this finish takes on a matte pewter-like appearance.

Part Finishing and Coating Options

With an attractive, naturally lustrous finish, Graphicast parts are usable straight from the mold. However, if desired, parts can be finished using the same processes and materials as those recommended for zinc die castings.

Coating options include any commercial paint or powder coating system. A zinc phosphate treatment or wash-primer is used under wet paints. For corrosion resistance, zinc chromate can be used, with or without a decorative topcoat. Acrylic or epoxy electrocoating can be used to simulate black anodized aluminum.

Painting and finishing are performed by certified subcontractors. Graphicast assumes single-source responsibility for all parts it produces.

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