CAD Data Transfer Information

    A. Type of Files

  • In general, ZIP these files for transfer.
  • Graphicast uses Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks
  • RFQs: We prefer a 2-D drawing with tolerances (can be an electronic file or a hard copy). A 3-D model is always helpful and complements quoting to a 2-D toleranced drawing.

      2-D Drawings
    1. Pro/E (.drw with .frm and .prt or .asm)
    2. SolidWorks (.slddrw)
    3. AutoCAD (.dwg) or DXF (.dxf)
    4. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

      3-D Drawings
    1. (Solid) Pro/Engineer “Part” (.prt) suppress most features to reduce file size (we will “resume”).
    2. SolidWorks model (.sldprt)
    3. STEP (Solid, from non Pro/E system) (.stp)
    4. IGES surface model (omit wireframe) (.igs)
    B. Transfer Methods
    E-mail, as an attachment to a message

  • a. Send to:
  • b. Note: Limit on size of file- 10 Mb maximum
    Graphicast can retrieve from your FTP (Web) site.

  • a. We need password, directory, filename, etc.
  • b. You need to let us know when the file will be available.

These methods are available for transfer of computer files electronically to Graphicast. In every case, we need a clear understanding of why you are sending the file, and what you want Graphicast to do. Suppress, ZIP, etc. per above suggestions.

Call us at 603-532-4481 if you have any questions.

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