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Monthly archive for September 2009

Graphicast Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

2009-09-30_1308October, 2008
Find out how Graphicast’s graphite-mold casting process was a “picture-perfect” solution for Siemens’ high-tech camera housing.

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Graphicast Featured in Machine Design Magazine

2009-09-30_1305July 10, 2007
Read about the details of Graphicast’s process in a feature article in Machine Design magazine.

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Graphicast Featured in Diecasting Engineer Magazine

2009-09-30_1238 January, 2006
ZA-12 Alloy Casting with Graphite Molds: Economical Precision Parts, Reduced Time-to-Market.

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Design Considerations

Casting Design Basics

As with all casting methods, uniform walls work best. Heavy sections must be at
the part perimeter to allow direct gating or must be connected to the perimeter with
heavy feeding ribs.

Milling operations can be eliminated through the use of flat surfaces parallel to
the parting plane. Drilled clearance holes or tap drill sizes are replaced with
cored holes.

The following guidelines should be considered:

  • Sizes: Up to 12″ x 14″ x 5″Up to 20″ if narrow
  • Radii parallel to parting line: 0.030″ minimumRadii normal to parting line: 0.063″ minimum
  • Walls: Must be of uniform thickness from .125″ to .25″.
    Avoid heavy sections.
  • Draft: 2° nominal on all surfaces perpendicular to parting plane
    (See Draft Requirements.)
  • Gates/Risers: Allow for heavy gates (60% to 80% of prevailing thickness)
    on perimeter of part at parting line.
  • Lettering: Raised lettering or artwork can be accommodated.
  • Avoid:Applications over 300°F; multiple side pulls (slides)


  • General Dimensions: First inch ± .005″; Additional inches ± .002″
  • Critical Dimensions: First inch ± .003″;Additional inches ± .001″ per inch
  • Across parting line: Add ± .005″ to above
  • From side core: Add ± .005″ to above

Draft Requirements

To protect the graphite mold, adequate draft is required on all surfaces
perpendicular to the face (parting plane) of the mold. Normally, 2° of draft per
side is adequate, but thin sections may require 3° to 4°. On part drawings,
plus or minus draft should be specified for all dimensions affected by draft,
not indicated by angled lines.

“Plus” draft indicates that draft increases the size of the feature

“Minus” draft indicates that draft decreases the size of the feature
(see drawing below).

Graphicast, Inc. Named as One of the Country’s Most Progressive Manufacturers

JAFFREY, NH, March 11, 2009 – Managing Automation Media announced that Graphicast, Inc., a Jaffrey based manufacturer of precision castings, has been named to its Progressive Manufacturing 100 list for 2009. The PM100 recognizes 100 projects that have achieved distinction in at least one of eight core disciplines defined as critical to business success in the years ahead. These disciplines are: Business Model Mastery, Customer Mastery, Supply Mastery, Data & Integration Mastery, Innovation Mastery, Training & Education Mastery, Leadership and Operational Excellence.

Graphicast joins companies such as Alcoa, Caterpillar, Pratt and Whitney, and Pfizer in achieving PM100 status in 2009. Graphicast’s project involved utilizing a concept known as Theory of Constraints to revamp its production scheduling. Theory of Constraints focuses on identify and eliminating bottlenecks in production. By employing Theory of Constraints scheduling software, Graphicast was able to greatly simplify the scheduling process, reduce lead times by 75%, increase plant capacity, reduce inventory, and eliminate overtime. These changes allowed Graphicast to move to a four day work week, giving Graphicast’s employees three day weekends every week. An added benefit of going to a four day week was a reduction in electricity usage.

Graphicast’s success in reducing manufacturing costs and improving customer responsiveness have been key factors in Graphicast remaining competitive in the global market.

Graphicast a semifinalist in the Best Company to Work For in NH

Val Zanchuk and the rest of the Graphicast team are very pleased to be a semifinalist in the Best Company to Work For in NH competition. Maybe this year in the top ten!!

Graphicast at Fredericksburg VA Design 2 Part show September 30 & October 1

Kirk Barrett and Manufacture Representatives, Isotech, will be at the Fredericksburg VA Design 2 Part show September 30, 2009 & October 1, 2009.

This regional tradeshow, in Fredericksburg, Va., at the Fredericksburg Expo Center, provides OEMs the opportunity to meet local and national job shops and contract manufacturers face-to-face to find new suppliers, learn new technologies, compare processes, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Design-2-Part Shows are America’s largest and longest running contract manufacturing shows for the sourcing of custom parts, services and design. You can find Design 2 Part on Facebook too. Make sure to find Graphicast and stop by to say hi.

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