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Monthly archive for May 2010

Get Your Kids Interested in Manufacturing

The Manchester (NH) School of Technology is running a summer day camp for 8th grade students interested in manufacturing and design careers. The camp will be held from Aug 16 – Aug 20, 9AM to 3 PM daily. The tuition is only $45!! Tuition includes lunch and transportation from sites around the city. MST was featured on CNN as a model for schools that really engage their students in pursuing interesting careers. This is great deal at a great school. Call Linda Zapora at 603-624-6490, ext 210 for more information.

Looking Back on Almost One Year of Social Media at Graphicast

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

Graphicast began its social media journey almost one year ago. My personal journey began about a year earlier, but I was a passive participant in the process, looking in and observing from the outside. Although I was somewhat skeptical when I attended a business oriented social media overview given by Kelley-Sue LeBlanc of Aleuromedia, I was very excited by the end of the hour long session, as I saw a great opportunity for Graphicast to expand its message and its influence in our markets via social media. A few weeks later, we hired Kelley-Sue to help us on our journey.

To me, the key to success in using social media is making the leap of faith that sharing information increases your influence and the interest in buying from you. It also, as some fear, reveals information about you to your competitors.  So what? They can get this if they want to anyhow, and this downside is a small price to pay for the upside. This is a variation on the same message I have been telling people who work for me. Many of them think that  hoarding the knowledge they possess is their key to job security. If they keep it to themselves, their indispensability is preserved. I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to convince them that their indispensability is preserved by sharing their information with the rest of the company. By sharing, they become the “go to” people, the people of influence and the people with the highest value to the company. The others, the hoarders, usually don’t last.

Sharing within the company is one thing. Sharing with the entire world can be a scary thought. However, through the analysis and preparation we did for our social media programs, I recognized that there was much more to gain than to lose. The only way to create influence and become more than the four walls of the building is to try to become a “go to” company to the world. We’re trying. From the activity and comments we’re seeing, I think it’s beginning to happen.

Building Molds, Building Relationships

Graphicast recently sold a mold to National Optronics, Charlottesville VA.  Since 2005, National Optronics has developed 8 tools producing value added cast and machined parts with Graphicast. 

National Optronics, a manufacture of eye glass lens grinding equipment ,looks to Graphicast to make value added components for their equipment.  Graphicast often reviews part and assembly prints for their equipment with them to determine if we can achieve cost savings by combining multiple parts into a single casting.  Other savings are found when it is more economical to machine a casting than to machine a component from bar stock.

More than your average win-win situation, this has become a rare and appreciated relationship.  A few years of review, understanding and design collaboration has lead to strong and fluid communications between the organizations.  Today, projects are developed start to finish with relative ease, savings are realized, and at the end of a project, well, speaking for Graphicast, we are happy to have completed another job for National Optronics.

Graphicast Process Featured in Latest Designfax Issue

The Graphicast LTA casting process is highlighted in the feature article in Designfax Issue 18. Designfax offers tips and guidelines for design engineers, a key audience for our process information.

A Good Morning at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit 2010

The highlight of the morning at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit was a review of what the National Asociation of Manufacturers is doing to boost the visibility of the manufacturing sector around the country, especially on Capitol Hill. John Engler, president of NAM and former three term governor of Michigan, presented a rational overview of areas of tax policy, education, and industrial policy that are needed to secure manufacturing as a key foundation of our economy. With all the talk of the decline of manufacturing in the US, it is important to realize that the US share of global manufacturing output is 21%, while China’s share is 12%. That may be hard for some to realize, but it just underscores the need for stable manufacturing policy in government and a serious effort from education to keep the supply of a highly qualified workforce at the forefront of their efforts.

A Sad Week at Graphicast

Dennis Munsinger, our friend and colleague, passed away on April 24, 2010. Last week was a sad one at Graphicast, as we tried to deal with the sudden and unexpected death of our friend. Dennis was an exceptional engineer who freely shared his knowledge and experience with everyone at Graphicast. We all relied on him for some sort of help or assistance every day. He will be missed as an important part of the company, and as a friend and generous person.

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