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Monthly archive for June 2010

The Future of Manufacturing

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

Two interesting manufacturing focused reports came out this week. The National Association of Manufacturers published their assessment of strategies and policies necessary for the health and growth of manufacturing in the United States. The Alliance for American Manufacturing revealed a survey conducted among likely voters of their thoughts on the value and importance of manufacturing to our economy. The voters see manufacturing as a critical aspect of our economy’s strength and important to the vitality of our nation. The NAM report cites a number of national policies critical to sustaining a manufacturing base. Both studies point to the need for consistent, national policies amined at providing stability and support to the manufacturing environment. Both studies also imply a decidely poor response from our federal government in supplying that stability. Republicans were seen by the voters to be worse than the Democrats, which is telling given the Republican’s normally pro-business persona. The voters get it, the manufacturing associations get it. When is the government going to get it?

Check Out MOJO, the manufacturing blog on MFG.com

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

Many of you are familiar with, or subscribe to MFG.com, the online manufacturing community where Buyers (purchasing and sourcing professionals, engineers, etc.) and Suppliers (contract manufacturers, factories, distributors, job shops, etc.) connect, exchange information and do business. As one of the services to to our community, MFG.com maintains a manufacturing blog, MOJO, where opinions and comments about manufacturing are flowing. Recently, MOJO’s blogger, AJ, came across Graphicast and explored our social media strategy. He felt our use of Social Media could be a model for other manufacturers to follow, as he concluded (and I paraphrase), “Graphicast is a small manufacturer that gets the Web & Social Media. You don’t see that everyday.” Thanks for the review, AJ!

The Mid-Year Economic Assessment – Positive Around the Country

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

We’re closing in on the end of our fiscal year. This year was about the same as last year from a sales volume standpoint. However, the level of activity and optimism we’re seeing indicates that we should be off to a good start for fiscal year 2011. Here’s a snapshot of views from our sales reps around the country:

“Business is good now. Economy is good and seeing a lot of projects to bid.
I know already that I’m losing some business, so I need to replace that with new business.”

“The pipeline for next year is getting filled with five new die castings, three permanent mold jobs, six new sand castings, and three new powdered metal parts all so far this year. All this work should get me back to fiscal 2008 level. It’s been a roller coaster couple of years but it looks like a nice upswing right now.”

“Customers seem to have a more positive outlook than in the past year and we are seeing orders from customers that have been quiet for some time. It appears that they are willing to consider new ideas and ways to manufacture parts but we are also seeing orders for parts that have been basically stagnant for a long time.”

So there you have it. Real news from real people. I hope the rest of you are seeing similar optimism.


Graphicast will be participating in the D2P show June 15-16, 2010 at the St. Charles Convention Center in St. Charles, MO. If you attend, please stop by our booth #216 to see the latest custom graphite mold castings.

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