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Better Casting Process

Rapid Turnaround From Design to Samples in 4 to 6 Weeks

Design Development

Through a national network of experienced sales engineers, Graphicast will review your requirements and provide an expert evaluation of the advantages of its ZA-12 zinc alloy metal casting process for your specific part.

Better ProcessConcept to CAD Design

Using Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks® parametric and associative 3D solid modeling CAD software, Graphicast’s experienced design engineers can work with you to design and refine your castings. Through early involvement in the design process and concurrent engineering, Graphicast can help you improve the quality of your castings while dramatically shortening the design process and the time required to get your products to market.

3-D Models

Using advanced 3D printing or CNC technologies, Graphicast can produce a prototype model of your part with indications of draft and radii for the metal casting process. Important design-for-manufacturing tools, these models are invaluable in identifying and correcting part problems before molds are produced.

Part Design Changes

Design changes that result from review of the prototype or CAD model are made quickly and easily on the CAD system. Another prototype or CAD model will be produced to verify that all changes have been made and the part is ready for casting.


Graphite Permanent Mold Production and Maintenance

Graphicast has complete in-house capabilities for the production of exceptional quality graphite permanent mold tooling. Pro/Manufacturing™ CAM software automatically generates machine tool “G” code for the mold, allowing part revisions or modifications to be made quickly and easily.

A one-time charge covers the cost of producing the original mold as well as ongoing mold maintenance. If the design of the part changes, Graphicast can quickly and easily modify the mold at minimal cost.


Using metal casting machines designed and built around its proprietary LTA (low turbulence automatic-fill) graphite permanent mold technology, Graphicast produces ZA-12 zinc alloy castings of exceptional quality and consistency. This rate- and temperature-controlled bottom-filling LTA process yields castings of increased density, lower porosity, better surface finish, and more consistent dimensions.

Secondary Machining

With complete high-speed CNC machining capabilities in-house, Graphicast can perform any required secondary operations quickly and economically.


Graphicast also has the capability in-house to perform light assembly involving bearings, bushings, dowel pins, springs, etc.


Taking Innovative Casting Technology to Your Bottom Line™

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