Taking Innovative Casting Technology To Your Bottom Line
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Rapid Turnaround

The Graphicast precision casting process uses graphite permanent molds to produce net and near net shape parts in ZA-12 zinc alloy. It is an economical alternative to sand, die, and investment casting; machining; and, in some cases, plastic injection molding for production quantities of 300 to 20,000 parts per year.

Faster Turnaround and Reduced Time-to-Market

The exceptional machinability of graphite dramatically shortens the time needed to produce molds. In fact, the machining of graphite molds often takes weeks less than the machining of die casting molds.

And, the high accuracy and exceptional surface finish of parts cast in graphite molds virtually eliminate the additional finishing steps required with other casting techniques. This further reduces the total time from design to production.


Taking Innovative Casting Technology to Your Bottom Line™

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