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A Look at the Manufacturing Skills Shortage

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

The manufacturing skills shortage has been a hot topic for several years. In New Hampshire, we’re addressing it from many angles – direct contact with secondary and post secondary schools, mentoring programs, STEM activities and curricula, etc. It’s getting better. The skills shortage was the topic of a recent business news program on our local television station, WMUR. In it, Gary Groleau of New Hampshire Ball Bearings, a large aerospace supplier in our area, and I discuss the current state of affairs. Here’s the link to the program:


A Video Interview with Kirk Barrett on the Economic and Design Value of Graphite Permanent Mold Castings

Our sales manager, Kirk Barrett, was interviewed at the Design 2 Part Show in Marlborough, MA.  Kirk speaks on the benefits of graphite permanent mold castings.  Interview with Kirk Barrett.

Video – Narrated Graphicast LTA Mold Filling Process

Simulation software by CX Technologies (www.cx-technologies.com)

Video – Graphicast – Managing the Message about “The Recession”

Video – Graphicast New Part Development Process

Business Sustainability and the Recession

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

Graphicast will be one of the presenting companies at this year’s spring conference of  New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. We will be in a session entitled “What lessons has the recession taught us about business sustainability?” Graphicast was asked to participate in this conference based, in part, on how we dealt with the impact of the recession on our business.

We developed an action plan which we communicated to our employees early in 2009. In this plan, we indicated the steps we would follow  if certain situations occurred during the recession. These steps included cuts in discretionary spending, salary reductions, hour reductions, and temporary furloughs. As with many other manufacturing companies, by the spring of 2009 we were at the last step. We did have some voluntary furloughs late in the in the spring, but by mid summer everyone was back on the job. During the furlough period, Graphicast paid 100% of the health insurance costs of our furloughed employees. This allowed them to more easily sustain themselves while they were not working. As it turned out, many of the furloughed employees took advantage of this time to develop stronger relationships with their families and friends. They made the best of a difficult situation.

Several of our employees captured their thoughts and impressions of the furlough during a video interview conducted by Heartwood Media. This video was shown at the “Breakfast with the Best” celebration in February 2010. Take a look at what they had to say about their experiences with the recession.

Graphicast LTA Casting Process Described in Detail on New Video

We’ve just posted a new video to the Graphicast You Tube channel. You can now see the Graphicast LTA casting process unfold in slow motion, with each step explained in a thrilling narration. Just like in the Olympics, breaking the action down into slow motion with analysis along the way helps you better understand what’s happening during the process and, hopefully, gives you a better appreciation of the finer points of the process.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Graphicast, But Were Afraid to Ask

With no apologies to Woody Allen for the title, we do get a lot of questions about how our process works. And not just our casting process, but the whole process, from beginning to end. How do we design and  make the molds, how do we program the CNC machines, how does the CMM work, etc. We’ve tried to answer these questions with a virtual Graphicast plant tour, highlighting the process we follow in developing a new part for you. All of this is in a  4 1/2 minute video on the Graphicast channel on You Tube. You can see all your favorite Graphicast characters (and they are characters), including a cameo role by your blogger as a CNC machinist. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video should be worth millions.  I hope you find it helpful to your understanding of Graphicast, and how we work with you to make your parts.

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