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Testing the Future of 3D Printing

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

I had the chance to hear a fascinating talk by designer Francis Bitonti on the marriage of art and 3D printing. He has created a number of unique designs as 3D printed objects – from bicycle racks for New York City to a 3D printed dress. He is a true visionary who can see the potential for unleashing 3D printing as a game changing technology in the world of design and fashion. Not making toys, but real works of art. He’s put his money where his mouth is and designed a number of household accessories with 3D printing in mind. Unlike many designers and artists, the extent of his design IS the design. He does not produce the products. He makes the design available for you to make on your 3D printer. He operates his design website like a download service. For a small fee (in our case, $1.00), we downloaded his design for a small bowl. We loaded the design file into our MakerBot 3D printer, and 9 1/2 hours  later, had an original Francis Bitonti bowl in our hands. A little clean up and a can of metallic spray paint and we had a three dimensional accessory available nowhere else except through the mind of Francis Bitonti and a desktop printer!


Bitonti bowl close up Bitonti bowl

How Does 3D Print Technology Affect Your Business?

KirkFor some,  3D printing has great interest. There is a fascination in developing a solid 3D component on the screen and then watching it get created in thin air.  For others,  it’s the fact that this “thing” did not exist 2 hours ago and now I have one in my hand.  How cool is that?  Technology has come a long way, so much that 3D printing has become incredibility popular.

For those of you that find this technology interesting or would like to know how it fits into our manufacturing process at Graphicast, please see my comment on the LinkedIn, CNC Machining / Manufacturing Network group.

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