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How Does 3D Print Technology Affect Your Business?

KirkFor some,  3D printing has great interest. There is a fascination in developing a solid 3D component on the screen and then watching it get created in thin air.  For others,  it’s the fact that this “thing” did not exist 2 hours ago and now I have one in my hand.  How cool is that?  Technology has come a long way, so much that 3D printing has become incredibility popular.

For those of you that find this technology interesting or would like to know how it fits into our manufacturing process at Graphicast, please see my comment on the LinkedIn, CNC Machining / Manufacturing Network group.

Sales Thoughts

KirkDesign 2 Part show went very well in Fredricksburg, VA.  Great meeting everyone there, thanks for making contact and please do let us know if we can continue to assist you.

InterZinc seminars in PA and NJ were well attended. I guess the rumor of folks really needing this information in this format is true.  We’re going to take that into our consideration and do our best to serve you all more in this way.

If you haven’t been to our Facebook page yet, please do visit us there as we expect to have many follow on conversations with the folks we’ve met recently.  We’ve also recently added information on Facebook about our Design and Rapid Prototyping service. If you’re more of a Twitter user you can find us there as well.  If you’d like to connect with me directly you can do so on LinkedIn.

From the CEO

Please take a look at our new website/blog. We’re trying to create a collaborative community to talk about issues having to do with casting design, manufacturing, economics, processes, and other thoughts that you, the casting community, want to contribute. We’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so you can follow us the way that is most comfortable for you. Or, look at all our spots to gain an even broader overview. Please let me now what you think about our new way of communicating. Feel free to offer comments on how we can make the sites more effective.

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