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Graphicast Goes To Canada – Manufacturing Innovations – Medical

Graphicast will be exhibiting at the SME show “Manufacturing Innovations – Medical“, November 3 & 4 at the International Centre, Mississauga (Toronto) Canada.

Toronto is the heart of Canada’s medical manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Innovations – Medical is the Nation’s first focused event that connects medical manufacturers with companies that supply the technology and equipment they need to improve quality, innovation and speed to market.

Graphicast is excited to be hopping the boarder for the first time and participating in this show.  To register for the show Click Here.

Graphicast to Exhibit in Fall Trade Shows

Graphicast will again be actively participating in fall trade shows aimed at matching buyers and contract manufacturers. We will be at the Design to Part exhibits in Secaucus, NJ on September 28 and 29, and in Marlborough, MA on November 3 and 4. We will also have a new booth this year, highlighting the various stages of the design and production cycle and how we can help you meet your needs of quality, delivery, and costs. We look forward to seeing you. Bring you ideas, drawings, or prototypes.

Graphicast’s Design and Prototyping Service Continues to Receive National Recognition in Design News

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

Graphicast’s Design and Rapid Prototyping Service (DRPS) continues to receive national recognition. The most recent issue of the Design News website features our process as the lead article. Unique to other prototyping processes, Graphicast will produce a prototype in our ZA12 alloy with all the features present on a finished, machined castings. This way, our customers can test an exact copy of their machined casting before we even begin to cut the graphite mold! Prototypes such as these confirm design intent and casting performance to ensure the final design meets all the design criteria. Having the finished part design and machining program in place with the prototype shortens the time to produce the mold and first production runs of the machined casting. Our customers and prospects are discovering the value of this service, as we see more new parts going through this prototyping process first.

Prototype Part? Looks Like a Machined Casting.

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We can help you, design engineers!

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

In a recent  survey of design engineers , Product Design and Development magazine found that four major challenges exist in the new product development process:

1. Project management
2. Controlling costs
3. Improving time to market
4. Component selection

Graphicast helps our customers meet these challenges everyday through our Rapid Prototyping and Design Services. By working with us early in your design process, we can help you design a part as a casting right from the conceptual stage. This helps lower costs by incorporating as-cast features in your parts to minimize machining. It eliminates the need for several iterations of prototypes and designs, greatly reducing time to market. It makes the component selection process straightforward, as the mechanical and physical properties of our ZA12 alloy satisfy many demanding design requirements. And, by working with Graphicast, one aspect of your project management challenge is greatly simplified, as Graphicast takes responsibility for getting your parts to you on time and on budget.

Casting Design – We Have An App For That

KirkWhen a part design comes in for us to quote, most of the time I receive it to process.  I pull the part file in, log it and review it for manufacturability.  I have done this for a while and I’m rarely surprised at what people are trying to manufacture, but do enjoy seeing the creativity and uniqueness in each design.

More often than not, Graphicast receives part designs to be produced on a CNC machine (if this sounds familiar please look into our DRPS  program).  This scenario can build into the part costly to produce features and design intent.  Once imbedded in the design, these can affect other parts, if not the overall functionality of the unit the part is in.  Far too often, the final manufacturing process is not considered during this early design phase and real problems like space, cost, functionality, and manufacturability become serious issues downstream.  It’s these same problems that caused Albert Einstein to have the hair he had.

Good designs don’t just happen, they are carefully thought out.

Ok, I might not have an “App” for casting design, but I welcome any casting design questions you have.  I would be glad to help, discuss or review any design or manufacturability situations you find yourself in.  Please feel free to contact me directly (sales@graphicast) or respond to this blog so that others can learn from you insight as well.

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Graphicast to Attend Marlborough Design2Part Show – Nov 4/5 2009

Graphicast will again exhibit at the Marlborough, MA Design2Part Show on November 4 and 5, 2009. The show will be held at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, and Graphicast will be at Booth 239. We have an exciting, new Design and Rapid Prototyping Service to introduce. Please stop by to talk to Gary Barrett, Kirk Barrett, Gary Lord, and Jim Weber. We look forward to seeing you.

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