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Building Molds, Building Relationships

Graphicast recently sold a mold to National Optronics, Charlottesville VA.  Since 2005, National Optronics has developed 8 tools producing value added cast and machined parts with Graphicast. 

National Optronics, a manufacture of eye glass lens grinding equipment ,looks to Graphicast to make value added components for their equipment.  Graphicast often reviews part and assembly prints for their equipment with them to determine if we can achieve cost savings by combining multiple parts into a single casting.  Other savings are found when it is more economical to machine a casting than to machine a component from bar stock.

More than your average win-win situation, this has become a rare and appreciated relationship.  A few years of review, understanding and design collaboration has lead to strong and fluid communications between the organizations.  Today, projects are developed start to finish with relative ease, savings are realized, and at the end of a project, well, speaking for Graphicast, we are happy to have completed another job for National Optronics.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Graphicast, But Were Afraid to Ask

With no apologies to Woody Allen for the title, we do get a lot of questions about how our process works. And not just our casting process, but the whole process, from beginning to end. How do we design and  make the molds, how do we program the CNC machines, how does the CMM work, etc. We’ve tried to answer these questions with a virtual Graphicast plant tour, highlighting the process we follow in developing a new part for you. All of this is in a  4 1/2 minute video on the Graphicast channel on You Tube. You can see all your favorite Graphicast characters (and they are characters), including a cameo role by your blogger as a CNC machinist. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video should be worth millions.  I hope you find it helpful to your understanding of Graphicast, and how we work with you to make your parts.

From the CEO

Val ZanchukI heard an interesting talk today by Resli Costabell, an award winning speaker who specializes in Emotional Intelligence. She gave us some techniques to use to motivate and influence people. The first was the use of the “social proof”. That is, if others are doing something, it is easier to get another to do it as well, than it is for someone to stand for something alone. For example, if “most of the people” say they like a certain product they bought, you may be influenced by this in your own assessment. It takes courage to stand up to that many positive assessments and give a negative one. Others seeing your negative comment may dismiss it because it goes against “most” of the people. Another example is if most people in an audience are laughing at a joke, you would be more inclined to laugh as well. The second technique is knowing when to use a “going away from the pain” message, and when to use a “going toward the good” message. For example, you may say to someone, “you’ll lose your license if you do X”. You are trying to motivate someone to do something to avoid a negative consequence. Another way of conveying the same outcome is to say, “you’ll get to keep your license by avoiding X”. You’re trying to motivate by stressing the positive result of the same issue. Take a look at ads to see whether they use one technique or the other. In business, you may use the pain relief technique with accountants and engineers (who are often concerned about rules and procedures to avoid negative consequences) and the moving toward the good technique with  sales people (who are often upbeat and eager to succeed).  A good book on the subject of influencing  and decision making  is Nudge, by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.

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