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Monthly archive for October 2009

Graphicast to Attend Marlborough Design2Part Show – Nov 4/5 2009

Graphicast will again exhibit at the Marlborough, MA Design2Part Show on November 4 and 5, 2009. The show will be held at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, and Graphicast will be at Booth 239. We have an exciting, new Design and Rapid Prototyping Service to introduce. Please stop by to talk to Gary Barrett, Kirk Barrett, Gary Lord, and Jim Weber. We look forward to seeing you.

From the Trenches

GaryI’ve been on the road for the last two weeks, attending shows in Pasadena and Minneapolis, and visiting with customers. Graphicast exhibited at the Design2Part Show in Pasadena and MD&M Show in Minneapolis. Attendance was good in Pasadena, with many attendees coming with active projects. The visitors to our booth were very interested in our new Prototype Service, which they feel can play an important part in their new product development timeline. In Minnesota, the exhibition was geared toward suppliers to the medical analytic and diagnostic markets. My reading of the economy from attending these shows is encouraging, in that the number of  new products being developed is greater than six months ago.


You can find presentations given by the Graphicast team on SlideShare.

We’ve recently added these two, hope you find the information helpful.

From the CEO

Val ZanchukI heard an interesting talk today by Resli Costabell, an award winning speaker who specializes in Emotional Intelligence. She gave us some techniques to use to motivate and influence people. The first was the use of the “social proof”. That is, if others are doing something, it is easier to get another to do it as well, than it is for someone to stand for something alone. For example, if “most of the people” say they like a certain product they bought, you may be influenced by this in your own assessment. It takes courage to stand up to that many positive assessments and give a negative one. Others seeing your negative comment may dismiss it because it goes against “most” of the people. Another example is if most people in an audience are laughing at a joke, you would be more inclined to laugh as well. The second technique is knowing when to use a “going away from the pain” message, and when to use a “going toward the good” message. For example, you may say to someone, “you’ll lose your license if you do X”. You are trying to motivate someone to do something to avoid a negative consequence. Another way of conveying the same outcome is to say, “you’ll get to keep your license by avoiding X”. You’re trying to motivate by stressing the positive result of the same issue. Take a look at ads to see whether they use one technique or the other. In business, you may use the pain relief technique with accountants and engineers (who are often concerned about rules and procedures to avoid negative consequences) and the moving toward the good technique with  sales people (who are often upbeat and eager to succeed).  A good book on the subject of influencing  and decision making  is Nudge, by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.

From the CEO

Val ZanchukNext week, October 26 – 28, I’ll be at Synergy Resources’ User Conference in Providence to talk about our success with the shop floor scheduling system we use. For those who have read “The Goal“, Eli Goldratt’s business novel about a factory that increases throughput and cuts inventory, you would recognize our schedule. The whole system is based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. Consistent with lean principles, Theory of Constraints looks to continually identify areas of your operation that “constrain” your output , so you can focus efforts on relieving that constraint to free up capacity. Our constraint was procedural, as opposed to a piece of equipment slowing us down. Once we applied the new scheduling concept, our lead times dropped by 75%, freeing up a lot of capacity for growth and making us much more responsive to your needs. We’re already seeing a lot of rush orders, and are ready for the recovery. We hope to see you with us as we move back into the light of economic growth.

Sales Thoughts

KirkDesign 2 Part show went very well in Fredricksburg, VA.  Great meeting everyone there, thanks for making contact and please do let us know if we can continue to assist you.

InterZinc seminars in PA and NJ were well attended. I guess the rumor of folks really needing this information in this format is true.  We’re going to take that into our consideration and do our best to serve you all more in this way.

If you haven’t been to our Facebook page yet, please do visit us there as we expect to have many follow on conversations with the folks we’ve met recently.  We’ve also recently added information on Facebook about our Design and Rapid Prototyping service. If you’re more of a Twitter user you can find us there as well.  If you’d like to connect with me directly you can do so on LinkedIn.

From the CEO

Please take a look at our new website/blog. We’re trying to create a collaborative community to talk about issues having to do with casting design, manufacturing, economics, processes, and other thoughts that you, the casting community, want to contribute. We’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so you can follow us the way that is most comfortable for you. Or, look at all our spots to gain an even broader overview. Please let me now what you think about our new way of communicating. Feel free to offer comments on how we can make the sites more effective.

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