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Graphicast Goes To Canada – Manufacturing Innovations – Medical

Graphicast will be exhibiting at the SME show “Manufacturing Innovations – Medical“, November 3 & 4 at the International Centre, Mississauga (Toronto) Canada.

Toronto is the heart of Canada’s medical manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Innovations – Medical is the Nation’s first focused event that connects medical manufacturers with companies that supply the technology and equipment they need to improve quality, innovation and speed to market.

Graphicast is excited to be hopping the boarder for the first time and participating in this show.  To register for the show Click Here.

Maybe There is a Future for Manufacturing

“Geoff Forester photograph, courtesy of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund”.

We’ve had a busy two weeks of visitors at Graphicast. Not from customers or potential customers, but from students. A class from our local high school is learning about career opportunities, soft and hard skills required for success in the workplace, and taking part in internships to gain some experience. I first visited their classroom to talk about all the different skills that are required to run a manufacturing company. The next day, they came by for their plant tour. This was the first chance for most of them to see an operating factory. They had no idea what was taking place within a few blocks of their school. As one student said, “This was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be”.

The second group was from a college industrial design class. This was the sixth or seventh year that this class has toured our plant. We’re part of the materials and manufacturing processes section of their training. and I’m always pleased to see so many students going into this area.
With all the negative news about manufacturing, much of it misleading or exaggerated, we manufacturers need to take every opportunity we have to bring community and educational groups into our operations and let them  know about the many positive things manufacturing still represents in this country.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Graphicast, But Were Afraid to Ask

With no apologies to Woody Allen for the title, we do get a lot of questions about how our process works. And not just our casting process, but the whole process, from beginning to end. How do we design and  make the molds, how do we program the CNC machines, how does the CMM work, etc. We’ve tried to answer these questions with a virtual Graphicast plant tour, highlighting the process we follow in developing a new part for you. All of this is in a  4 1/2 minute video on the Graphicast channel on You Tube. You can see all your favorite Graphicast characters (and they are characters), including a cameo role by your blogger as a CNC machinist. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video should be worth millions.  I hope you find it helpful to your understanding of Graphicast, and how we work with you to make your parts.

From the CEO

Please take a look at our new website/blog. We’re trying to create a collaborative community to talk about issues having to do with casting design, manufacturing, economics, processes, and other thoughts that you, the casting community, want to contribute. We’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so you can follow us the way that is most comfortable for you. Or, look at all our spots to gain an even broader overview. Please let me now what you think about our new way of communicating. Feel free to offer comments on how we can make the sites more effective.

Graphicast, Inc. Named as One of the Country’s Most Progressive Manufacturers

JAFFREY, NH, March 11, 2009 – Managing Automation Media announced that Graphicast, Inc., a Jaffrey based manufacturer of precision castings, has been named to its Progressive Manufacturing 100 list for 2009. The PM100 recognizes 100 projects that have achieved distinction in at least one of eight core disciplines defined as critical to business success in the years ahead. These disciplines are: Business Model Mastery, Customer Mastery, Supply Mastery, Data & Integration Mastery, Innovation Mastery, Training & Education Mastery, Leadership and Operational Excellence.

Graphicast joins companies such as Alcoa, Caterpillar, Pratt and Whitney, and Pfizer in achieving PM100 status in 2009. Graphicast’s project involved utilizing a concept known as Theory of Constraints to revamp its production scheduling. Theory of Constraints focuses on identify and eliminating bottlenecks in production. By employing Theory of Constraints scheduling software, Graphicast was able to greatly simplify the scheduling process, reduce lead times by 75%, increase plant capacity, reduce inventory, and eliminate overtime. These changes allowed Graphicast to move to a four day work week, giving Graphicast’s employees three day weekends every week. An added benefit of going to a four day week was a reduction in electricity usage.

Graphicast’s success in reducing manufacturing costs and improving customer responsiveness have been key factors in Graphicast remaining competitive in the global market.

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